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• 7/22/2018

Dream Cast!

Who is your dream cast for The Heiresses? We know that Shay is playing someone, but if YOU could pick anyone to play any of the Saybrooks or co who would you pick?
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• 7/22/2018
First, I know that Shay doesn't fit the book description of any of the Saybrooks, but I don't mind her being any of the Saybrooks. So, going off of Shay only, here is my dream cast for the Saybrooks.

- Shay Mitchell as Corinne Saybrook
- Alexandra Shipp as Aster Saybrook
- Logan Browning OR Madeline Mantock as Natasha Saybrook-Davis
- Katerina Graham or Candice Patton as Poppy Saybrook
- Naya Rivera as Rowan Saybrook

- Laura Vandervoort as Katherine Foley
- Munro Chambers as James Kenwood (???)
- Alyssa Milano as Penelope Keating
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