James Kenwood is a supporting character in "The Heiresses". He is the husband of Poppy Saybrook, the "crown jewel" Saybrook who flings herself from the window of her office without any previous signs, causing him to be a murder.

Physical Appearance

James has curly brown hair, light eyes, and a slightly crooked smile. His skin smells like peppermint soap, according to Rowan.



Poppy Saybrook

James was Poppy's husband before her death. Likely being a womanizer, James probably wooed and succeeded at getting Poppy. However, that doesn't mean he was truly faithful to her deep down, as he smiled especially at other women at Steven Barnett's funeral.


James was first introduced to the Saybrooks through Rowan - they'd become friends at Columbia when they lived on the same floor freshman year. Rowan’s father had offered to buy her an apartment, but she liked the idea of being like everyone else, even opting for a double instead of a single. She’d spent most of the time in James’s dorm room, playing video games and chatting about the people in their building, especially the girls. They’d stayed on for graduate programs at Columbia, James for business school—he had always wanted to be an entrepreneur—and Rowan for law school. They had a standing Monday-night dinner date at a Mexican dive on Broadway with spicy guacamole. On weekends, they played pool at SoHa, the dingy bar on Amsterdam whose bartenders made potent Long Island iced teas. As usual, Rowan had fallen into her role as the perennial guy’s girl, James’s wingwoman. Plenty of times Rowan had consoled James’s date at the end of the evening when she caught James making out with someone new in the unisex bathroom. It was during a party Rowan hosted for James at Meriweather did he met Poppy - he gave her the same look he gave the other girls he hooked up with, much to Rowan's horror.

James is later seen escorting his fiancé Poppy at Steven Barnett's funeral, smiling unassumingly at everyone, most notably at the women.

Five years later, he and Poppy are now married with two daughters - recently-turned-three-year-old Skylar and twenty-two-month-old Briony. He smolders his wife with kisses and affections in front of her family and friends, but Poppy squirms and briskly pull away both times.