Julia Gilchrist was the former flame of Mason Saybrook, who her romance with resulted in the birth of their illegitimate daughter, Danielle.

Because of her importance to Mason, Julia was given a position as the Caretaker of the Meriweather Estate.



Physical Appearance

Physically, she strongly resembles that of her daughter, Danielle. She has bright red hair and a slender, pale physique.



Mason Saybrook

Mason and Julia had a romantic affair that resulted in the birth of their daughter, Danielle. Mason refused to claim Danielle as his own but allowed them both to live on his property and be near his family.

Notes and Trivia

  • She was once the caretaker of the Meriweather Estate.
  • She had an affair with Mason Saybrook and the pair had a child together due to this affair.
  • She is the murderer of both Poppy Saybrook and Steven Barnett.
  • Before being shot by the FBI, she tried to kill the remaining Heiresses.
  • Due to her body never being found, it is unknown if she is really deceased or not.