Saybrook's Diamonds is the name of the multi-million dollar company in which the Saybrook family owns. It is the source of their multi-million dollar fortune. This company is currently owned and managed by Mason Saybrook.


Alfred owned a fledgling shop in Boston before he was enlisted in World War II. While in Paris, he acquired a Corona at a flea market. He excitedly brought it home to his wife Edith and came up with the idea of creating a company that bought and sold diamonds. The discovery of the Corona had launched the company into a whole new market, which was exciting to Alfred and made him and his family very rich.


The Heiresses

Steven Barnett was next-in-line to be company president when he was surprisingly passed over by Mason for his niece, Poppy Saybrook. The family had just finished celebrating her promotion as president when the news of Steven's death struck. At Steven's funeral, an interviewer questioned the cousins on his surprise death so soon after the death of their Grandfather, Alfrid, who found the company. Rowan coldly told her not to try and connect the two deaths, as Alfrid was ninety-four and Steven had drowned.

A few years later, Corinne arrived at the company to find a paramedic outside and security tape everywhere. She rushed to see what was wrong and was stopped by Colin - the companies security guard. He sadly told her that it was Poppy, who was now dead and had just jumped out of her company window. Heartbroken, Corrine left the now growing crowd where she encountered Rowan and collapsed in her. Through her tears and sobs, she told her that Poppy was dead. The police went through Poppy's office and found a note typed into a Word document that confirmed that she had taken her own life.



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