The Saybrook Curse often referred to as The Curse is a concept invented by the media as well as The Blessed and the Cursed, that refers to the mysterious deaths surrounding the Saybrook family.


When the girls were younger, the curse was their go-to ghost story at campouts. According to them, it all began, "when Great-Aunt Louise fell off a balcony at a New Year’s Eve party. She fell twenty stories, holding her martini the whole time. After Louise, a great-uncle was trampled at a polo match. Then a second cousin’s plane was lost at sea. Their now-divorced aunt Grace, the youngest of Edith and Alfred’s children, had a son who was kidnapped from their front yard."

Although they never really believed the curse, after Steven Barnett's mysterious death, they started to believe it. However, it took the death of Poppy, who had recently been promoted to company president and had everything she wanted in life, flung herself off her balcony and died.

Victims of the Curse

Name Incident
Louise Saybrook Died: Fell twenty-stories off a balcony
Unnamed Great Uncle Died: Trampled at a polo match
Unnamed Second Cousin Died: Lost at sea
Grace Saybrook's son Kidnapped
Alfred Saybrook Died: old age presumably
Steven Barnett Died: Murdered by Julia Gilchrist
Covered-up as drowning (Exposed)
Penelope Keating Attacked at a ski resort
Lawerence Saybrook
Adele Bailey
Unnamed Pilot
Died: Plane crash
Poppy Saybrook Murdered by Julia Gilchrist
Unknown Saybrook Heiress Drowning: possibly

Notes and Trivia

  • While the idea of the curse was originally circulated by the media, Edith Saybrook strongly believes in the curse.